How to Bring Restaurant Design to your Dining Room

dining room

Remember the feeling of walking into your favorite restaurant and looking
forward to a nice meal in a great atmosphere? With the shutdown of indoor
dining around the country, social media has been flooded with beautiful pictures
of homemade food. Now it’s time to bring that same enthusiasm to your dining
room décor and complete the transition to a true restaurant-quality experience.
• Add Texture – Looking for a bistro feel? Add some fuzzy pillows and a cozy
(preferably washable) floor rug to draw attention to the space.
• Change Up the Seating – Have you noticed that more and more restaurants
are using non-conventional furniture in their dining rooms? Adding some
armchairs, stools, or benches to the dining room will have a big impact.
• Gild the Room – One of the easiest ways to bring elegance to your dining
room is to add a gilded mirror. Keep an eye out for these and other special
touches at garage sales and some décor stores.
• Mix and Match – Take an eclectic approach to your dining room. No need
to use matching chairs or place settings.
• Add Ambience – Keep an interesting vase full of fresh flowers on your
table, add soft lighting or candles, and play ambient music over speakers to
remind you of your favorite restaurant or bar.
Offer those delicious meals a special place to be enjoyed by adding a few simple
touches to your dining room. Even with more time at home, there’s no reason we
can’t enjoy a “dining out” sense of elegance.

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