Selling the Family Home?

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Family is important, and your decision to sell your home may be difficult for those
closest to you. Moving can create mixed emotions, and it’s important to help your
family understand how and why you made your decision. Including family
members in the process can prevent strong emotions from potentially sabotaging
the sale.
As soon as you decide to sell your home, set aside time to have a serious
conversation with the rest of your family. If you have children living at home, they
may be fearful of leaving their home, their school, and possibly their friends.
Listen to them and reassure them of the safety of the family unit.
You can’t promise that nothing will change, but share the good things you expect
to get from the move; a bigger home, a better job, advantages of the new area,
etc. Help your children see that you’ve considered them from the very beginning
and explain why it will be a good move for them as well.
Adult children might be difficult as well. Even though they have left the home,
they may be less than enthusiastic for several reasons. They may question your
decision to move into the new home or area, or they might simply be nostalgic
and sad to see their childhood home sold.
A home is a special place and the decision to sell, especially if you’ve been in the
home for a long time, affects not just you but your family. You can help bring
them into the conversation by making time to listen and understand their
concerns and then share your own. This way, while you might not all agree, no
one will feel left out of the decision.

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